Palmer House Rental Qualifications

To our prospective residents: It is our policy to uphold all fair housing laws and not deviate from these policies.

Application Fee:          $50.00 (per person)

Deposit:                        $300.00 or one month’s rent if you are approved upon conditional
                                        circumstances (refundable, due at move-in). You must bring the
                                        deposit owed within 24 hours to secure a specific apartment
                                        location. We only hold a certain location for 60 days.

Terms:                           We manage our lease expirations and they are subject to change

Pet Fee:                         $300.00 non-refundable per pet, due at move-in.
Pet Rent:                       $00.00 Additional per month.
Pet Policy:                    Two (2) pet maximum. Both pets must be approved by the community
                                        manager. Weight cannot exceed fifty (50) pounds per pet. No
                                        aggressive breeds or mixes (including but not limited to: Dobermans,
                                        German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls, or Chows) are allowed
                                        and pet interviews are required. All dogs must be a minimum of
                                        6 months old. Pet interviews required prior to move-in.

Reservation Fee:   $100.00 Non-refundable, due with application.
Occupancy Standards
Two (2) Persons per bedroom. Newborn less than 6 months old are not counted as a person under this standard.

Applicant Qualifications

Age:                                  All applicants must be eighteen (18) years or older. All occupants
                                          over the age of eighteen (18) must complete an application, be
                                          approved by management, review and sign the lease (No

Income:                            Pre-taxed income must be a minimum of 3 times per the total
                                           monthly rent,combined. Neither financial aid nor unemployment will
                                           be considered. If a co-signer is needed income must equal 4 times
                                           the monthly rent.

                                                                   2 BR = $3015.00, 3 BR = $3,375.00
Employment:                   Stable, verifiable current employment, minimum of six (6) months.
                                           If you have changed employers during the past six months, we will
                                           verify previous employment in order to meet the six month
                                           requirement. Note: Current payroll check stub or letter is required
                                           to verify income and employment.

Rental History:               Good standing, verifiable rental history or verifiable mortgage history
                                           for the previous three (3) years. Friends or family will not be

Credit Rating:                 Your credit history is obtained through Screening Reports,
                                           Inc. Bankruptcies and collections are reviewed carefully.

Criminal Background:  Sex offenders will be declined; any felony conviction or misdemeanor conviction will be carefully reviewed. 

In the absence of any of the above qualifications, except for negative
                                           credit and rental history, a co-signer meeting the above qualifications
                                           may be accepted. The co-signer must execute the lease agreement
                                           and all other document required by management. A co-signer's current mailing address (not PO box) is required to be kept up to date with the leasing office

Renters Insurance:       Must provide evidence of liability or property damage insurance at a minimum limit of $500,000. The policy must provide coverage for damage you may cause due to water, fire, smoke, and explosion and any other damage caused by the residents. Palmer House Apartments listed as an “additional interest” or “interested party”.

A rental application must be truthfully completed for each individual aged 18 or older that will occupy the home.
Each applicant must pay a separate application fee. A current driver’s license or state I.D. and a valid Social Security number are always required to
check credit, criminal and rental histories. Any false information given will be grounds for immediate rejection.

Once your application has been processed and approved, a member of our management team will call you to schedule your move-in date and your
new address so you can contact the utility companies prior to your scheduled move-in dates.

3216- A Yanceyville Street, Greensboro, NC 27405 Office: 336-621-4169 Fax: 336-621-6647